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Fri Mar 21 16:06:45 MST 2003

>I must say this is a very strange remark. What we have, clearly, is an
>anti-war movement, but it is not very well-oriented in terms of
>political consciousness, nor is it well-educated in the history and
>dynamics of imperialism. It is very much new, fresh, and in the
>formative stages of what will be required to actually change history. I
>certainly don't see any overarching, cohesive features which would earn
>it the label of another "New Left". It is not linked to Marxism but then
>again frankly it is not really linked to anything at all in that sense.

Yes, this is right as far as it goes. What we also have to keep in mind is
the prospect of continuing war. As Lenin pointed out in "What is to be
Done", socialist consciousness does not originate spontaneously. This has
not changed. The conscious Marxists have to participate in this movement to
maintain class independence and a clear anti-imperialist agenda.
Furthermore, I don't think anybody could have expected the Iraqi soldier to
put up any kind of serious resistance given the country's desperate
situation. I think the real question is how this plays out in both Iraq and
the Arab world in general.

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