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Fri Mar 21 16:47:06 MST 2003

Hi Junaid,

Thanks for the reply to my post.  You think it strange.  Well we will
see.  Time will prove one of us wrong.  I hope for both our sakes that I
emerge as correct.

Now you raise the question of the miltary events.  I think that you over
estimate the importance of the unfolding of events in this arena.  I agree
however that the talk of a quick war means a swift American victory and we
should not wish for that at all.

However have no confidence in the Republican Guard.  The Iraq military and
regime is a rotten fruit and will fall from the tree.  I have written in
other posts that we are in for a bad time.  This is part of what I
meant.  I hope I am wrong here and I hope the Iraqi army put up something
of a struggle. If they do I will be the first to admit I have been wrong.

The hope for the world right now is not the soldiers who are defending
Baghdad.  No element of that regime can be part of the  way forward.

The real hope is exactly where you say it is not.  It is in the hearts and
minds of all those young people throughout the world who are now resisting
the might of their state.  Tony Hartin's posts from London reveal a world
of courage among the young.

Now what of the Arab world?  It has sat back and done little or nothing
about the decimation, brutalization and crucifixion of the Palestinian
people.  It is unlikely to do anything to save Saddam.  But that is all in
the short term.  In the medium to long term as I have said before out of
this terrible humiliation will be reborn the Arab revolution.

The Americans will conquer in Iraq as they conquered in Afghanistan -
easily.  But they will not win any peace.  The resistance to colonial rule
will grow.  And it is that resistance that will undermine the confidence of
the American ruling class.



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