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Alex LoCascio alexlocascio at
Fri Mar 21 17:20:07 MST 2003

M. Junaid Alam wrote:

>>must say that, in my opinion, a lot of what
happens politically depends on what kind of
stand, if any, elements of the Republican Guard
make in Baghdad. The regular army has apparently
just melted away and dissolved into thin air.
A repetition of this scenario in the main
cities will give imperialism incalculable amount
of confidence.<<

My two cents:

While I agree that a swift and speedy surrender
would be a political victory for imperialism and
a possible setback for the "Vietnam syndrome," frankly,
I gotta honestly say it's the best possible outcome
from a humanitarian perspective.

About a month ago, Rashid Gewieblib, representative
of the Iraqi Communist Party, predicted *exactly* the
outcome which is unfolding before our eyes: namely,
that U.S. victory would be swift, given that everybody
really hates Saddam Hussein and nobody wants to defend
the piece of shit, no matter how horrible American
imperialism is.

Continuous strong mobilization against this war is necessary,
but I think a huge chunk of the rump "Marxist" left is
going to start paying a propaganda price for the sort
of politics which has made Milosevic the Castro of the Balkans
and Hussein some sort of anti-imperialist fighter.

The defection of renegades like Hitchens, Cooper, and Corn
is despicable.  I don't think the politics of certain groups
in the anti-war movement is so bad, but I don't think the
mantra-like insistence on avoiding issues like how to
support the anti-imperialist, anti-Saddam opposition in
Iraq or addressing the Kurdistan issue has really fucked
the credibility of a huge chunk of the Left, especially if
this war ends as soon as I think it will.

The mobilizations against this war have been the most
invigorating mass social movement in years.  Now it's time
for the revolutionary socialists within this movement
to ditch the Red-Brown horseshit and start building the
sort of internationalist politics that Lenin endorsed.
That means groups like ANSWER should've been building ties
with the Iraqi CP or the Kurdish PKK, not sucking up to the
Baathist thugs in Baghdad.

I'm livid over this war, but frankly I'm also pissed that
certain formations have pissed away our credibility by
licking the asses of every murderous thug in the world on
grounds of objective "anti-imperialism" rather than building
a revolutionary internationalist movement from below.

It'll be a huge setback for all of us when the imperialists
point the finger at us and demand to know what alternative we
had to their "liberation" of Iraq.

Sorry, but that's just how I feel.

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