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Fri Mar 21 18:04:04 MST 2003

Alex Locascio:
>That means groups like ANSWER should've been building ties
>with the Iraqi CP or the Kurdish PKK, not sucking up to the
>Baathist thugs in Baghdad.

Interesting how a Stalinophobe like Alex can urge that we cozy up to the CP 
of Iraq, especially since it has supported an imperialist invasion of their 
country rather than brigades organized by a "revolutionary internationalist 
movement from below" led by Alan Wald and John Rees in bandoliers.

LA Weekly:
Today, Iraqi Communists, and most Iraqi leftists, firmly oppose the Bush 
administration’s war plans — but not necessarily war itself. Unlike many of 
their American counterparts, Iraqi leftists offer a policy alternative 
other than a vague call for “peace.” Instead of a unilateral U.S. invasion, 
Iraqi leftists want the international community to back an Iraqi-led 
military uprising against Saddam.
Short of that, Iraqi leftists would most likely support a multilateral 
military intervention that would not only overthrow Saddam but also hand 
him over to an international tribunal that would try him on charges of 
crimes against humanity.


>Sorry, but that's just how I feel.

Well, I am glad that you have gotten that off your chest, but it is too bad 
that you and your "socialism from below" cohorts failed to ever produce a 
single historical materialist analysis of the Balkans wars. The people you 
slander as apologists for Milosevic are not named, but I assume you are 
referring to the late Sean Gervasi who wrote for CAQ, or Diana Johnstone, 
whose book on Yugoslavia I plan to review for the list shortly.

I would urge comrades to read Gervasi's "Why is Nato in Yugoslavia" 
( or Edward Herman's comments on 
Johnstone's book at the MR website: 
( It is far more lucid than 
the huffery-puffery that you get from the Stalinophobic left.

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