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M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at
Fri Mar 21 18:27:29 MST 2003

"My two cents:


About a month ago, Rashid Gewieblib, representative of the Iraqi
Communist Party, predicted *exactly* the outcome which is unfolding
before our eyes: namely, that U.S. victory would be swift, given that
everybody really hates Saddam Hussein and nobody wants to defend
the piece of shit, no matter how horrible American imperialism is.

Continuous strong mobilization against this war is necessary, but I
think a huge chunk of the rump "Marxist" left is going to start paying a
propaganda price for the sort of politics which has made Milosevic the
Castro of the Balkans and Hussein some sort of anti-imperialist

Your two cents would be better served if it made sense: Do not put words
in my mouth. I am not waving any Ba'ath party fucking flags over here.
As I said I am point out an objective fact, which is that a swift US
military victory would be demoralizing to the Arab world. Even if you
disagree on that note, this has nothing to do with implying the moral
character of those who would happen to deny them a swift victory. And I
have nothing to do with ANSWER or the Iraqi Communist Party  or whatever
so I don't even know what you are talking about there.

What I do know, however, is that "sucking up to Ba'athist thugs" is the
aim and accomplishment of only previous U.S. administrations, not
myself. Any assertion to the contrary is pure BS I can get from any
right-wing 'patriotic' moron on the street.

I don't know what other rhetoric and rants in your piece are directly
aimed at myself but at any rate it sounds incorrect. For one, no one on
the Left is "losing credibility" over Kurdistan question or addressing
"anti-imperialist anti-Saddam forces" in Iraq. That is utter horseshit.
The only people invoking the Kurdish question are those cynical
opportunists who are posing as their friends but have sold them out time
and time again - the capitalists. I don't know of any leftists bashing
the anti-war movement because we can't snap our fingers and fix the
Kurdish problem, or magically spawn some kind of anti-Saddam yet
anti-Western resistance force by cloning Iraqi CP members or something.
All you have done is bite the bait - hard. I estimate .01% of anti-war
forces support Hussein on any grounds. The bourgeois and their hounds
have tried to paint the whole movement as pro-Saddam in order to strip
away our credibility, and their success is limited to those who are
easily brainwashed and are pro-war anyway.

Besides I think the analysis of the Iraqi CP person you quoted, whether
correct or not, has not at all been verified by events. You can't say a
thing about the swiftness of U.S. victory until you get to Baghdad,
because that's where all the troops who will supposedly fight are
located. No other meaningful forces are even around anywhere in the
country. All this means is that Saddam has learned from the first war.

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