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bon moun sherrynstan at
Fri Mar 21 18:35:33 MST 2003

"Interesting how a Stalinophobe like Alex can urge that we cozy up to
the CP
of Iraq, especially since it has supported an imperialist invasion of
country rather than brigades organized by a "revolutionary
movement from below" led by Alan Wald and John Rees in bandoliers."

You missed the point, Lou.  He's telling us that we lost, the
imperialists won, and its time to return to sectarian finger-pointing.

Fact is, this war is already a disaster for the ruling class.  Only the
most faint-hearted acceptance of CNN's horseshit could convince us
otherwise.  The destruction of Baghdad televised on Al Jazeera -
certainly one of the most infamous acts in recent history - sealed their
fate.  It may have even inaugurated WWIII.

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