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Fri Mar 21 18:46:33 MST 2003

> LA Weekly:
> Today, Iraqi Communists, and most Iraqi leftists, firmly oppose the Bush 
> administration’s war plans — but not necessarily war itself. Unlike many of 
> their American counterparts, Iraqi leftists offer a policy alternative 
> other than a vague call for “peace.” Instead of a unilateral U.S. invasion, 
> Iraqi leftists want the international community to back an Iraqi-led 
> military uprising against Saddam.
> Short of that, Iraqi leftists would most likely support a multilateral 
> military intervention that would not only overthrow Saddam but also hand 
> him over to an international tribunal that would try him on charges of 
> crimes against humanity.
> full:

 What this article doe not mention is that there are various Iraqi 
communist groups -- not just *the* "Iraqi communists". The one 
that he refers to seems to ascribe to the IS version of "socialism" . 
There is also the Worker-communist Party of Iraq, who is always 
out in force at Toronto demonstrations.They seem not to take such 
a mushy position on imperialism.

website of the Communist Party of Iraq:

website of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq:


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