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Fri Mar 21 19:02:34 MST 2003

Crde. McLennan:

Good luck with the power point presentation. If you need any kick-ass
graphics let me know I am well-versed in Photoshop. :-)

Now, onto the debate:

"Now you say that 'war is the motor force of history'.  I totally
disagree  with that position.  My position, and it is heavily influenced
by Roy Bhaskar's philosophy of meta-reality, is that love is the motor
force of history...So we disagree fundamentally."

We do disagree fundamentally. More important is what side of this
disagreement the non-white people of the world since 1492 would fall on.

But I do not want to dissolve into the abstract - I said war intensifies
social and political contradictions, not that our solutions will be
handed to us by Ba'ath party officers. On the Palestinian question, all
that can be said with any certainty is that obviously we are not exactly
at the high point of Islamic civilization or Arab civilization. It is a
few hundred years of defeat and domination in the broadest but truest
sense of the word. No revolution rises solely because there is some kind
of oppression going on; there has to be a positive vision in embryo. As
far as I know no one has been able to explain precisely _why_ there is
no Arab revolution, but one suspects a confluence of factors: ossified
military bureacratic socialism, humiliating military defeats, police
state atmosphere, lack of inspiring intellectual output, might be some
of them.

Anyway, you said:

"Of course I long for the Israeli, American and British Armies to be
humiliated.  I am Irish after all.  But is not going to happen. Rather
the defeat the warmongers will suffer will be at the hands of the
anti-war movement.  Those whom I have named as the New Left. None of
them are armed and none of them possess any military capacity.  But they
are full of a longing for peace and freedom."

Again this is too abstract. Peace and freedom for whom? Are the white
students of the West with peace vigils going to rescue the Third World?
Good and genuine intentions aside, this depends too much on moral
fantasy, I think. The real issue is whether or not the contradictions
inherent in capitalism will be explosive enough so as to make the defeat
of American militarism a necessity for American students and workers.
How is this ever going to happen if America can just roll over everyone
in war after war?

Here's one for thought: would there have been an anti-Vietnam war
movement if there were no American casualties?

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