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Michael Parent, just returned from Serbia..

Michael: last September, I had no doubt that George Bush was going to
invade Iraq, and all the inspections weren't going to make any difference..
they never really said what would have constituted
compliance.. but still the hope here that this administration is moving
with an arrogance of power that could be their undoing.. you can batter and
beat down one country after the other, but we have millions
of people around the world mobilized in a way never seen before.. in Greece
95% of the people oppose the war.. in Spain 85%.. in England, almost 90%..
I don't believe Bush's agenda is rational..
Saddam is CIA trained, put in power by America.. when he was killing
leftists, fine for the USA.. but when he started being an economic
nationalist, nationalizing the oil industry.. using oil revenues to
revitalize Iraq.. he was no admirer of Stalin, but an admirer of western
capitalist.. the US agenda to impose international capital on every
country.. any independence will be punished by US..
we can't even develop America for the Americans.. everything for the rich
ruling class, nothing for the people, that's the model.. but it may be too
costly for the imperialists in the long run.. all the wimps and flunkies in
Congress getting in line, once the bombs are falling.. about the situation
in Serbia and Yugoslavia.. the victory of the free market, now everyone is
living in poverty..

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