The new movement [was RE: London report]

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sat Mar 22 05:43:12 MST 2003

Hi Paddy,

I have come back from the protest in Brisbane today.  There were about
3-4000 people in the City Square and on the march it looked like there was
about 5, 000. If I get the time I will write more about it tomorrow.

When I got back I made my self watch about 10 minutes of the main news and
then I gave it away in disgust.  It still looks to me though as if Bush is
about to achieve a military victory.

However I remain absolutely confident that he has suffered a political
defeat the dimensions of which will become very clear over the next few
months. It is this disjuncture between the military achievements of the
Bush regime and their political standing that has fuelled the dialogue
between Mohammed and myself.

However despite our disagreements we are very much on the same side.

But events will unfold and I am confident that there has been a sea change
in the world and that the Second Gulf War will eventually be seen as one of
the key catalysts for that change.

warm regards


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