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A useful page with links to resources concerning
Ludwig von Mises can be found at

Ludwig von Mises was one of the leading economists
of the Austrian school (along with the better known
F.A. Hayek).  He was a staunch defender of
free market capitalism, and one of the early participants
in the socialist calculation debate in which he made
the argument that a planned socialist economy could
not even in principle allocate resources rationally.

He was also noted for his anti-empiricism and
anti-positivism, which is curious, considering
that his younger brother, the mathematician and
philosopher, Richard von Mises, was a logical positivist,
and a leading figure of the Vienna Circle (Richard does seemed
to have shared the same basic political outlook of
his brother).

Jim F.

On Sat, 22 Mar 2003 14:50:15 -0500 Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> writes:
> Hey, I'm a quiet long-time subscriber, but I had something
> interesting I
> want to share. I teach composition classes at a university in San
> Diego, and the current course is on globalization. The materials
> they
> read come from a variety of perspectives, although there is an
> emphasis
> on a left critique of neoliberal economic policy. They read the
> materials and then write argumentative papers dealing with the
> issues.
> It's a very successful class, and I get great papers from people who
> never once thought about sweatshops or water privatization.
> Well, one of the students I had this quarter is a young libertarian
> type
> I generally don't encounter in teaching. He is a free marketer, and
> and
> more ideologically set--in a theoretical fashion--than most young
> people
> I teach. He is a big fan and frequent quoter in his writing of
> Ludwig
> von Mises, an Austrian economist whose major work is Human Action.
> There is a website devoted to this guy, and his free market
> classical
> liberal economic theory. It's rather interesting, it appears to me
> like
> the infatuation of adolescents with Ayn Rand. So I did some internet
> research on this character, where I discovered things that gave
> context
> to comments made by my student--his anti-empiricist critique, and
> some
> other things. Has anyone on the marxism list ever read this guy, or
> encountered big fans? I find this worship on the web for Mises
> fascinating, it almost looks like the mirror image of the reverence
> held
> for Marx, although perhaps for selfish reasons I see believe it is
> different. I remember an earlier discussion on the list regarding
> skeptics and the Reason school, it seems related to Mises.
> --
> Dave Carroll

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