Death to the Humvee

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Sat Mar 22 16:56:52 MST 2003

(I guess Iraqis must hate Humvees as much as I do.)

NY Times, Mar. 22, 2003
Bridge Is Seized, Clearing Northern Route to Capital

KUWAIT, March 22 - As air forces struck Baghdad at dawn and again tonight
with fusillades of cruise missiles, American and British ground forces
reached the outskirts of Basra, Iraq's largest southern city, and sought to
enter it not with a fight but by promising aid.

Allied armies met resistance as they swept past population centers and
continued to close on the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Today, the Third Infantry
Division had pushed halfway toward that objective by reaching Samawa, where
heavy fighting and mortar exchanges were under way late today.


Journalists traveling with Army units said Iraqi troops fired
rocket-propelled grenades that tore apart two American Humvees. There were
four American soldiers in the vehicles, on a reconnaissance patrol.

Several reports that the soldiers had been killed were not immediately
confirmed by the Army.


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