Was the "terrorist" who atacked 101st Airborne a U.S. soldier?

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at bellsouth.net
Sat Mar 22 18:51:40 MST 2003

Contrary to the initial lying army reports that "terrorists" had penetrated
into "Camp Pensylvania," one of their bases in Kuwait, CNN just interviewed
a British reporter "embedded" with the unit there who reports that an
American soldier has been captured and is being questioned in connection
with the incident.

The target of the attack was not the base indiscriminately, but rather the
comand post, where the officers were located.

Even though there is obviously no legitimate question of operational
security involved, the British reporter interviewed by CNN said he was not
allowed to answer the question of whether the soldier was being questioned
as the perpetrator of the attack or for having having aided other persons in
carrying it out.

During the Vietnam War, there were litrally hundreds of
"fraggings" --executions-- of officers by rank and file soldiers seeking to
protect themselvs and their buddies from being added to the heap of corpses
on which some lifer s.o.b. was trying to climb the ladder of military ranks.
At least one division that I can remember offhand --the Americal-- was
outright disssolved  by the brass in an attempt to put an end to the wave of
executions (in Spanish we have a much better word for
this --"ajusticiamiento"-- and those who know Spanish should read it instead
of "execution.").


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