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Mike Friedman mikedf at
Sat Mar 22 19:34:14 MST 2003

The logistics weren't dictated by the NYPD, but an agreement reached
between UfPJ and the City, for whatever reason. I was a marshall and went
up and down the march, and found NO "sidewalk-clearing baton charges," nor
were any reported by ANY member of the security team, at least not during
the march, and believe me, I was listening to my walkie-talkie the whole
time. There was one incident on 13th and Broadway, where several arrests
were made and cops became aggressive, when anarchists attempted to break
away from the march. There were also scattered other arrests, for similar
reasons. By and large, as Lou said, marchers were disciplined, but
anarchists made occasional efforts to bypass our agreed-upon route. There
were also clearly provocateurs present. During our orientation meeting, the
person I was partnered with urged me to "ignore" the orientations we
received. He was dismissed. Later, a bunch of plain clothes cops entered
the march on 35th Street. And still later, I was approached in the march
by  two guys who were pretty assuredly plain-clothes cops, joking about
security. There is a need for discipline, and concerted effort, preferably
self-discipline, in our actions, or we won't build a movement, much less
stop the war. This is an old story. Who was it that criticized anarchists
by saying something like, "petit bourgeois radicals want revolution, but
without discipline. They don't realize that a revolution is the most
disciplined act there is..." I repeat what I said in a post ten minutes
ago: the cops were noticably more restrained than on February 15. We know
there role and we know that they will repress, violate our rights, etc.


At 07:58 PM 3/22/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Perhaps the logistics dictated by the NYPD, whose plan seemed to call
>for people to turn around and leave as soon as they got to the park. For
>three hours, the cops have been battling with large lingering crowds for
>control of the surrounding streets, using their typical tactics
>including sidewalk-clearing baton charges, scooter-mounted cops sweeping
>in to block unplanned marches heading off into the streets, and pepper
>spraying to motivate protesters to retreat. Dozens of protesters have
>been arrested in these assaults, always accompanied by cries of "Shame!"
>and "Go arrest Bush!" By a lucky accident I found a park sign on the
>ground to hold up in front of the cops lining Washington Square West:

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