On Motor forces

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at attbi.com
Sat Mar 22 19:46:39 MST 2003

"But could the  Palestinians  rids themselves of the Israeli occupier
through violent tactics alone (e.g.,suicide bombs, ect). It is an
understandable reaction to perpetual Zionist terror. But,is it a
strategy for the long term? And, most importantly, can they accmplish
this without the support of the Jewish working class? Perhaps. Yet, will
it mean their complete emanicipation from
servitude or will the occupatioin continue under a different name? I
suggest the latter.


The question you pose is not aligned with the question I am addressing.
I am saying the _failure_ of Palestinian resistance to effectively
target and attack Israeli soldiers has played a major role in the
continuance of military occupation of the Territories, citing Hezbollah
in Lebanon as my comparison. This is in the context of the role of
violence in determining the outcome and endgame of political events.
This has nothing to do with the tactic of suicide bombing or an alliance
with the Jewish working class, which are entirely different questions.

As for the question, can one rid oneself of occupation "through violent
tactics alone", only the most obtuse-minded person would think that is
possible. Any struggle for liberation must be as all-sided as
circumstances allow.

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