On Motor forces

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 22 20:13:16 MST 2003

> The question you pose is not aligned with the question I am

What was the question?

> I am saying the _failure_ of Palestinian resistance to effectively
> target and attack Israeli soldiers has played a major role in the
> continuance of military occupation of the Territories, citing Hezbollah
> in Lebanon as my comparison.>>>>

If you are directing this point towards the occupation of post-67
lands, you are probably right. Then again, what ends up swaying
Israeli public opinion in favour of the Palestinian cause may not be
whether IDF soldiers are killed in action? There is strong element of
nationalism even amongst the so-called Israelis left. I reckon that
Lebanon was seen as having no strategic purpose by most of the
population -- hence, explaining the 'peace' movement to get the IDF
out of Lebanon.  I think that the post-67 occupation is viewed by
many as protecting the country from potential Palestinian attack.

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