First Fragging in the Iraq War

Jay Moore pieinsky at
Sat Mar 22 21:29:04 MST 2003

US soldier held over grenade attack
4.08AM GMT, 23 Mar 2003

13 American soldiers have been wounded in a grenade attack at a military
command camp in Kuwait. Reports say a US soldier is being held as a suspect.

US Central Command, which is running the war on Iraq, said the attack took
place at around 1:30 am at Camp Pennsylvania against soldiers of the 101st
Airborne Division.

11 of the wounded were evacuated by helicopters to field hospitals in the
area and two were treated at the scene.

The attack is under investigation by the US Army Criminal Investigation

"A suspect was taken into custody following the attack on elements of the
101st Airborne Division. The suspect is a soldier assigned to the division,"
said a US Central Command in a statement.

Central Command gave no details of the wounded. It did not name the suspect
or comment on a possible motive. US broadcaster Fox News said he was a
Muslim American and that he had been described as "acting strange" before

A spokesman for the 101st said two grenades had been thrown into a command
tent at Camp Pennsylvania, one of the desert bases from where US forces have
launched an invasion to try to overthrow Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Thousands of US troops have been based in Kuwait since the end of the 1991
Gulf War. They have been targeted several times in recent months by
militants whom Kuwaiti authorities say may have links to Osama bin Laden's
al Qaeda network.

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