Labor Aristocracy theory: 1982 Elbaum/Seltzer essay

Ben Courtice benj at
Sat Mar 22 22:48:03 MST 2003

Finally it is scanned and online.

You can look at it at

If anyone here knows or is in contact with Max Elbaum or Robert Seltzer now could you let
me know how I may contact them to make sure it's OK to put their essay online?

In the version I have it's not marked as copyright, but it's a cheap reproduction from the
journal for comrades' education classes not the journal itself. (I don't have the
subsequent issue either, unfortunately, in which the authors promise to apply the theory
they have outlined to the contemporary situation (1982 that is) in the US.

Anyway it's a good read and pretty thorough. Anyone who enjoyed the debate we had a little
while back about Labor Aristocracy/opportunism theory should enjoy this.

Ben Courtice

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