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Great word, that. Captures in a word what volumes are written about.

Here's an old poem, one of my favorites, describing the same thing.
(a haiku, I think)    Bust a cap in your
                     Candy ass it's payback time
                            For officers Jack

Actually "fragging" (word taken from rolling a fragmentation grenade into an
officer's quarters) has a long and noble tradition in the US Army, starting,
I think in the Civil War.  There was, in those battles, that space between
lines that was called the "dead zone."  You could charge into the dead zone,
but you could only get carried out (sounds like the Marine battle strategy,
doesn't it?)

  This precipitated, by the way, the spontaneous eruption of the tactic of
"digging in"  as Union soldiers, in particular, seeking cover, dug into the
earth creating berms, fighting holes, and eventually trenches.

Of course, victory was through the dead zone to the other side. Officers who
insisted on continuing frontal assaults through the dead zone were likely to
be hit by a little friendly fire.

As for the Americal Division, you might know them better by their role in
the My Lai,  "Pinkville" slaughters.

The Americal was ill trained, poorly organized, and atrociously officered.
It was a real  fuck up division which helped convince the US senior military
of the advantages of a non-conscript army.

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