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Sun Mar 23 11:31:24 MST 2003

It's always good to read Galeano...thanks John...
by contrast, Todd Gitlin has a piece in today's LA Times (sunday March 23,
M2)  "Can the Peace Movement Reinvent Itself?" --

His red-baiting is what we've come to expect:

"The Hussein apologists who sponsored the earliest antiwar demonstrations
under the banner of International ANSWER are certain to fail the test: Their
knees jerk to the refrain that nothing is worse than American power."

Now that the war is full on, Gitlin wants to see the antiwar movement
advocate for  a democratic, federal, disarmed Iraq rather than rule by the
generals or decapitated Baath Party...he wants the antiwar movement to call
for rebuilding in Iraq by other parties such as the United Nations and the
hated French and Germans instead of "turning that miserable country into a
wholly owned subsidiary of the USA"...[so I guess he just wants Iraq only
partially-owned by the US, share the wealth around, I guess] He also notes
that "'US out of everywhere' is a self-defeating reflex when only U.S.
pressure on Israel and the Palestinian Authority stands a chance of moving
the region toward peace." [we know where the Bush hawks stand on this]So
what does he suggest: that we hold Vietnam-era type that we
can "explore the big questions in earnest and from many
perspectives"....Here again, Gitlin harkens back to the days when he was a
celebrated anti-war advocate...
On teach-ins...I participated in a teach-in recently at Antioch College here
in was a wonderful event...and someone from ANSWER was there and
made a powerful  presentation...Gitlin seems to suggest that the strategies
and tactics of the current antiwar movement  preclude teach-ins...which is


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