Was the "terrorist" who atacked 101st Airborne a U.S. soldier?

bon moun sherrynstan at igc.org
Sun Mar 23 13:23:55 MST 2003

<<<"We now have an example of a US soldier who "turned his gun around."
This man might be summarily executed.  I would like to suggest that the
antiwar movement take up the defense of this soldier immediately.">>>

I'm sorry, but what are you on?

This is based on a very premature assessment of the situation about
which obviously very few people know anything at all.  This soldier may
very well be mentally ill, and may have severe personal problems.  This
in no way signals a wholesale rebellion in the armed forces.  Far from
it.  Sorry, comrade, but the importance of this event CAN be overstated.
I think it has been.  We don't even know the motives of the soldier yet.

Saying that, I am sure there has been a fundamental degradation of
morale in the military, but that is a far cry quantitatively and
qualitatively from rebellion.

"Taking this on" would discredit the movement and in short order.

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