Was the "terrorist" who atacked 101st Airborne a U.S. soldier?

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Mar 23 17:27:55 MST 2003

>> I have healthy respect for professional soldiers on all sides and the
military code of honor is among the finest human institutions. <<

>>You're pro-unthinking, unwaivering and blind following of orders, casting
aside one's ability to take moral standpoints?<<

I agree with Zak. Two points here:
1. One of the key factors assisting the US defeat in Vietnam was rebellion
in the armed forces.
2. Even if we are talking about a revolutionary army, like Trotsky's red
army for example, the undoubted fact that we have to operate on the basis
of military discipline is -- like the fact that we still need a state
machine generally -- a sign that we have no yet achieved socialism in the
true sense.

That said, I also agree we shouldn't leap to conclusions about this
fragging case. There could be a non-political context.

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