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> Subject: Rumsfeld acknowledges Geneva Conventions
> (AP)
> There has been a report of an aircraft missing,'' the secretary
> acknowledged on NBC's
> "Meet the Press. "I don't want to speculate because I simply don't
> know.''
> Rumsfeld said there are some American troops who are missing in Iraq.
> noted that under the Geneva Convention governing prisoners of war, "It's
> illegal to do things to POWs that are humiliating to those prisoners.''

This is the Rumsfeld of Camp X-Ray.  All day long on British TV I have seen
Iraqi prisoners on display - until this afternoon Rumsfeld  complained that
it was a breach of the Geneva Conventions to display prisoners on TV.
Perhaps if he had not refused to acknowledge that US troops had been taken
prisoner, the Iraqis would have had less justification for doing this.

Now Rumsfeld is in favour of international law.

The BBC has turned into a complete apologist for the UK government - which
is its job in times of crisis.  In the UK, ITN & C4 (private companies)
at least questioning the government line.

If Blair wants war - give him war!

It is about time in the UK that we started serious civil disobedience. 

Richard Harris
Canterbury, UK

p.s. On a different point, I don't know anyone who would not regard Johnson
as a whiskey-fuelled-fluent buffon.

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