State of the anti-war movement in Oz

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Sun Mar 23 18:16:51 MST 2003

This incomplete list of total anti-war mobilisations in
Australia since last Thursday was compiled by Green Left
journalist Alison Dellit. It gives a certain measure of the
state of the movement in the period of the the Pentagon's
"shock and awe" attack. It is pretty strong considering the
growing defeatism of the Australian Labor Party leadership.
Comrades around the country report that the mood of the
nearly 150,000 who mobilised from Friday to Sunday (there
were not a lot of double ups in particular cities over this
time as most anti-war coalitions went out either Friday,
Saturday or Sunday) as being very angry and determined to
pursue a campaign to stop the war and bring the troops home

Please ket me know any mobilisations I have missed.

Thursday March 20 mobilisations

Adelaide 200 (noon) 3000 (pm)
Brisbane 10,000 (pm)
Canberra 100 (noon) 2000 (pm)
Cairns 200 (pm)
Darwin 300 (pm)
Geelong 500 (pm)
Hobart 500 (pm)
Launceston 120 (pm)
Lismore 500 (pm)
Melbourne 30,000 (pm)
Newcastle 3000 (pm)
Perth 150 (noon) 6000 (pm)
Queanbeyan 100
Rockhampton 70
Sydney 30,000 (pm)
Wollongong 200 (noon) 350 (pm)

Total Thursday mob: 87,290


Friday March 21 mobilisations

Brisbane 200
Canberra 2000
Cairns 450
Geelong 200
Launceston 50
Melbourne 5,000 (unions noon) 20,000 (pm)
Nimbin 100
Perth 50 (am)
Sydney 50
Wollongong 500

Total Friday mobilisation 28,600


Saturday March 22 mobilisations

Adelaide 3000
Brisbane 10,000
Hobart 4000
Launceston 400
Mackay 300
Perth 30,000

Total Saturday mobilisation 47,700


Sunday March 23

Canberra Convergence Day 1 25,000
Darwin 300
Newcastle 1000
Sydney 50,000

Total Sunday mobilisation 76,300


There are some reports of differentiation among ALP
politicians over Crean's backflip on the call to bring the
troops home now. Tanya Plibersek (ALP "left" MP for Sydney)
said on radio that the demand became redundant when the
troops left but WA ALP MP Carmen Lawrence and Tasmanian
Labor MP Harry Quick seem to be holding firm.

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