Latest War News (3-23)

Jay Moore pieinsky at
Sun Mar 23 19:11:31 MST 2003

Dear Jay,

Here is the latest war news from Dr. Ibrahim Alloush,
a college professor, editor of the website Free Arab
Voice, and an activist there in Jordan.




In fact, today it was clear from battles in the PORT
of Um AL Qaser that American and British invaders have
not even taken over the port, not to mention the town.

Furthermore, the head of the Iraqi 51st Division held
a press conference today to debunk any doubt
whatsoever that he has surrendered.

Also, and for the record, the SHIITE tribes of the
Iraqi south have crushed an invader attack on
Nasiriyah today, inflicting heavy casualties on the
clowns of the U.S. Marines.

There is no question whatsoever that the invaders are
in for a lot of blood.

America is being humiliated in Iraq, and this is just
the beginning.

Ibrahim Alloush

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