Was the "terrorist" who atacked 101st Airborne a U.S. soldier?

bon moun sherrynstan at igc.org
Sun Mar 23 19:22:30 MST 2003

I think there's a combination of factors that are contributing to what I
suspect is lowered morale; basic erosions of benefits, sense of
dislocation from a pretty substantial doctrinal shift under Rumsfeld
that translates to a lot of confusion and turbulence in day-to-day
operations, increases in operational tempo, tripling of average time
deployed away from home in the last decade, and a substantial number of
troops - particularly Black soldiers - who really see this as a job and
not some deep patriotic commitment.  Now, the war is going badly, I
suspect.  Don't get me wrong.  The outcome is certain, but Rumsfeld's
NCW doctrine is a crackpot theory IMO and it is a new warfighting
doctrine, combined with the plethora of last minute changes in the
overall op plan created by refusal of a Turkish front.
As they say in the Army, shit rolls downhill, and when things go wrong
at the top, there is a lot of blame-shifting and carrying on that
percolates down.

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