How Much of 'News' is Psy-War and Propaganda?

M. Junaid Alam redjaguar at
Sun Mar 23 23:17:30 MST 2003

"Or, I suppose, cut off all the power and water to the city as they are
with Basra.  That's really their urban strategy "hole card" IMHO: make
unlivable, using basically the same strategy as the seige warfare of the
original Crusaders.  But that has political costs too.


And let us not forget what Basra was supposed to be: the shining
precursor to Baghdad. Allied forces heading there piled in journalists
order to capture jubilant scenes of liberation after negotiating a
surrender with the city's political authorities. No such fantasies are
materializing. Instead, the Allies met with considerable resistance from
sections of an Iraqi division which they kept boasting had surrendered,
plus irregulars. Now they are unwilling to go through the city, which
means the strategy has been reversed: take Baghdad, and then all else
will fall into place. Nowhere in all of southern Iraq, Shiite territory,
have either of the two grandiose visions materialized: mass jubilation
and mass surrender. It will be interesting to see how all of this
develops not just in the next 72 hours as the US prepares to take on the
Republican Guard, but in the aftermath.

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