How Much of 'News' is Psy-War and Propaganda?

Juan Fajardo fajardos at
Mon Mar 24 00:14:27 MST 2003

Lou Paulsen wrote:

> Consider this paragraph from the Reuters story on the battle at
> An-Nasiriyah:
> "U.S.-led forces suffered their worst casualties of the war Sunday in two
> bloody battles near An Nasiriyah that raged for hours before Iraqi
> resistance was vanquished. Marines said they would move around the city
> rather than march through it on the road to Baghdad. "
> OK: the original plan was to go through the city on the road to Baghdad.  If
> they have "vanquished the resistance" then why don't they do that?  Instead
> they are going to go around the city entirely and come back to it at some
> later time, I guess.

This also gives the lie to the vaunted equality and trust between the
erstwhile allies.  It is the US divisions which are rushing forward, and
the UK troops are being left to do the mop-up work in An Nasiriyah, Um
Qasr, Al Faw, etc.  Indeed, more than one British regiment have yet to
cross the Kuwaiti border, something the BBC commentators find
"unexpected and inxeplicable."

- Juan

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