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Sam Pawlett gusm at uniserve.com
Mon Mar 24 01:01:26 MST 2003

Interesting that Bush and mostly Blair have been justifying the latest
imperialist adventure by pointing out that the "Iraqi people have
suffered greatly the past many years, complete with the gamut of severe
economic, political and social deprivations."   Occupation of Iraq by
the imperialist forces is supposed to ameliorate and indeed liberate the
Iraqi peoples from these deprivations. Need Bush and Blair  be reminded
that it was the over 10 years of sanctions that *they* levelled against
Iraq that has caused this dreadful state of affairs in Iraq. So, what it
looks like is the  economic strangulation of Iraq by imperialism, is
being used by the imperialists as an excuse for liberating Iraq from the
deprivations caused by the sanctions! A perfect circle! Once again the
blood of Anglo-American soldiers (not to speak of the mostly peasant
Iraqi army) will be spilled to prove, once again, the stupidity of the
leaders of the "free world".  It would have been much easier to have
dropped the sanctions (or even better not to have levelled them) in the
first place and avoided this situation. Western leaders have always
argued that "engagement" through trade and diplomatic relations with
brutal dictatorial governments like Indonesia and Burma will eventually
bring about change and a state of "normality" complete with liberal
democracy. This argument is backed with an equally silly one about how
political democracy eventually follows economic liberalisation and free
trade. There is no causal connection between liberal democracy and free
trade. However, why was the Indonesia, Burma,Vietnam and Chinese policy
of "constructive engagement" not tried in Iraq? Indonesia and Burma
especially are much worse violaters of civil liberties. For political
change, quiet diplomacy--no dirty tricks-- and a hope for the best.
However, that is all in the past.

That said, the US and UK are going to have a very difficult time in
Iraq. They will be there a long time, if they are to complete their
stated goals. They are in a very rough neighborhood with the Iranians
and Syrians next door and 98% of the population of Turkey opposed to
intervention. There is also the Kurds. El-Qaida will be back in business
(or rather already is) with fresh targets close to home. The "Coalition
of the Willing"  may not be there long if a few suicidal Shiites do a

Sam Pawlett

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