Liu: Was the "terrorist" who atacked 101st Airborne a U.S. soldier?

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Mon Mar 24 01:39:59 MST 2003

>Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
>>At 2:11 AM -0500 3/24/03, Henry C.K. Liu wrote:
>>>There is a fundamental difference between a crew mutiny and an
>>>misguided individual sailor killing the captain.
>>Sure, but you are changing your argument, though.
>Here is my original arugment:
>The Battleship Potomkin would not have joined the revolution if a
>misguided sailor had killed the captain for ill treatment.
>Henry C.K. Liu

It is not controversial (on a left-wing listserv) to argue that
collective mutiny and individual insubordination are not the same
thing, but your earlier posts included an argument that goes beyond

At 6:56 PM -0500 3/23/03, Henry C.K. Liu wrote:
>In-group disloyalty is a basic betrayal of trust and is not
>something to support only because it happened to the other side.

At 11:46 PM -0500 3/23/03, Henry C.K. Liu wrote:
>In the Vietnam situation, the US had a draft which allowed the rich
>and well connected to be exempt.  Yet there were many veterans
>against the war, particularly in the later stages. Much of the
>hostility and violence against the officer corp was drug induced
>rather than poltically induced.  There were signs that at the end,
>the officier corp was politically ahead of the enlisted in
>recognizing the war was an error.

We can and must win as many soldiers as possible and try also to win
some officers if possible, but there is no evidence that US officers
on the average were politically ahead of US soldiers during the
Vietnam War.  Without large-scale rebellions of soldiers, collective
(organized fragging, mutiny, etc.) as well as individual (desertion,
conscientious objection, etc.), against their own superiors in the US
military, we won't have a chance.

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