Voices from Baghdad

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Mon Mar 24 03:09:36 MST 2003

Max Watts regularly posts his interviews with Australian human shields
in Baghdad on the Green Left discussion list.


[Call to Oz Human Shields at the 7th April Water Treatment Plant (23:00
hrs Sunday 23.3.03)]

Donna M: Last night (Saturday to Sunday) was the worst bombing (so far).
Bombing continued all day - pretty continuous. We've had some hits
pretty close, couldn't see what they were targeting, hitting. The
missiles fly over, low, deafening, terrifying

MW: do you intend to leave ? 

Donna M: We're not going anywhere ! 

MW: How is Rosemarie ? What is she doing ? 

Donna M: Sleeping.. (MW: Let her sleep !) She's working very hard on the
report (about the effect of the war on children, their health) she's
doing, today the internet was down in town, but now it's up again. 

 dangerous.. leave ?

Donna M: All the Oz (Australian) human shields are OK. We're committed..
to staying here. I went to a hospital today, there were many pregnant
women, who have lost their babies, the blast -- apparently makes them
lose the baby. I have become more angry every day.

MW: You know, about the Australians, troops, bombing..

Donna M: Send them home ! They have no business being here...

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