Who's going to be shocked and awed?

Ralph Johansen michele at maui.net
Mon Mar 24 03:12:21 MST 2003

Maybe, somewhere in the next few days or weeks, the "coalition" will as was
expected get it right. But should we consider that exasperated elements
within the US imperial establishment, including within the army and in the
government, finance capital and other ruling sectors, might eventually
decide to repudiate this Bush regime and its rash foreign and domestic
policy, if it is plainly become a debacle? And try to right a listing vessel
before more chaos ensues? Since significant factions, including Arthur
Schlesinger, the NYTimes, and other old line counselors to imperators like
Scowcroft and Brzezinski are already on record as opposing the policies of
this regime for pragmatic reasons having to do with the stability and
continuity of the established order, the same in Britain, is it unrealistic
to expect this cabal to be jerked back to reality? And where might that
leave Israel?

At this early stage one thing seems to emerge. When fierce resistance comes
from congested urban areas, the US is faced with an obvious dilemma: massive
firepower destroying tragic numbers of Iraqis, the shock and awe of weapons
which are obviously not that precise and in any event may not have a precise
target, the cutting off of vital water, power, health provision and
communications, with drastic consequences for Arab resistance, increased
general world outrage and further isolation of the US, - or protracted,
aimless street fighting in attempting to avoid that result, against an army,
mainly in civilian clothes, guerillas, indistinguishable from the
surrounding urban dwellers, with small arms and Toyota pickups. This to them
is more and more likely to be about Iraq, the place where they have tried to
live in the face of the US-imposed ten-year embargo, not about Hussein. And
then how can the US casualties not mount?

It's too soon to say, maybe, but who expected this? My eyes glaze and my
breath stops. And as is said by Tolstoy and others, when it comes to war all
plans may sure enough get knocked into a cocked hat.


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