London & images of war (the next victim?)

Martin Spellman mspellman at
Mon Mar 24 05:38:22 MST 2003

>From what Blair has already said North Korea would be a likely candidate and
they certainly have WMD.

The media have really excelled themselves.

First they picked up Blair's line that 'once the war started' the public
would swing into line to 'back our boys'. This hasn't happened.

Before it began, Blair, on the organised televised 'debates' was hinting
that there would only be a war with a second UN resolution. We know what
happened to that.

Now February's vast demonstration is a victim of its own success as
Saturday's demos were portrayed as being 'not as big' -- as if opposition
had declined. A lot more local activity is happening too.

Roll on the next General Election.

Recommend anyone who hasn't done so takes a look at Media Lens

Martin Spellman

> The reason I disagree with that idea, anyway, is that a victory for
> the Bushfeld Gang now would only encourage them. And who would be
> invaded next? Colombia? Mindanao? Iran? France? (joke...)

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