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As a serving tank officer at the end of WWII I heartily agree with Henry. My
army experience stays throughout my life as a BENEFIT.

Let's have no more of these attacks on Henry - there are better things to

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Response Jim C: I hope that my comments were not taken to be--or attached
to--any attacks on Henry for whom I have the highest respect.

But I must comment here. At a confernce in Vancouver BC that I attended this
weekend, dealing with Crimes in the Pacific by Japanese Imperialist
Forces--linked with crimes against Indigenous Peoples, I spoke at length
with Professor Suh Sung, a Korean dissident, born and raised in Japan, who
was kept in prison in South Korea for 19 years, horribly tortured, who
spirit never broke, charged, along with his brother, with being "a North
Korean agent."--a totally false charge. I asked him a question about taking
on the ultra-rightists in Japan, the historical revisionists, who claim to
be so enamored with "Bushido" and asked him about taking some of the central
concepts of Bushido such as "men moku" (rectitude), or "giri" (the highest
form of obligation--to the truth), or "honto no koto" (the true way) and
showing how they are hypocrites betraying these concepts. Professor
Sung told me that these concepts are only the "face" or façade" of Bushido,
that actually Bushido is very individualistic and that the concepts of
"honor" thought to be central to Bushido, are taken only on a very
individualistic level in connection to one's obligation to the "Bushi" and
Lords to which one is attached.

I was very struck by his comments. It is my belief, that only in some kind
of Cartesian-type "reductionism" can "honor" be attached to certain
behaviors or codes of behavior without any reference to the goals,
objectives, interests, forces, ideologies one is serving. In other words, if
one is fighting for fascism or imperialism, no matter what "codes of honor"
one is adhering to, there is still no "honor" no matter how one comports
oneself or what loyalties one maintains.

It is for that reason that I will never join any veteran's organizations,
even those for peace, because they still celebrate--in a way--veteran's
status and I find no "honor" in having served U.S. imperialism no matter how
"honorably", on a formal level, I might have "served."

Jim Craven


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