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At 6:09 PM +0000 3/24/03, Paddy Apling wrote:
>As a serving tank officer at the end of WWII I heartily agree with Henry.
>My army experience stays throughout my life as a BENEFIT

During WW2, though, the UK military wasn't a standing army of
volunteers.  There must be some things in common between your
experience and today's UK and US soldiers' and officers' experiences,
but I think it is inadvisable to generalize from one military
experience to another without taking into account the functions,
demographics, social relations, historical conditions, etc. of each
armed forces.

When I think of genuinely democratic armed forces today, I think of
Cuba's, Venezuela's, and Ecuador's, for instance.  In such nations,
armed forces play a different role, with regard to both domestic and
foreign affairs, than the UK's and the US's today.

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