Are we looking at another Vietnam?

bon moun sherrynstan at
Mon Mar 24 17:28:23 MST 2003


I'll be brief, because we have an upcoming call for yet another action.

There are differences too numerous to count.

But I will say that the utter failure of Rumsfeld's new NCW cyber-war
doctrine is apparent, and I can assure you that plenty of Generals are
sharpening their knives.

More than that, though.  The movement is a material force on the
battlefield.  As is ideology.  The delays caused by the worldwide
popular movement against the war and their transformation into political
decisions pushed Bushfeld up against a weather window.  Then they lost
Turkey and Saudi.  The movement also pushed a degree of real target
discrimination onto the battlefield, and there is no escaping that this
increases US vulnerability and therefore casualties.  Iraqi resistance
has been underestimated, and that compounds these other failures and

Now urban targets are bypassed, to prevent the materialization of the
Powell anxiety about high casualties, leaving support trains exposed.
The embedded reporter program, one of the most brilliant propaganda
ploys in history, could turn into its opposite, and beam the images of
dead and wounded Americans back into our living rooms.  This IS a
parallel with Vietnam.

Scylla is mounting Arab/Muslim rage and Charybdis is the increasing
skepticism of the American public about US invincibility.

The official stories get thinner by the hour, and the legitimation
crisis is at hand.


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