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Shannon Sheppard holtlabor at igc.org
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Jose wrote:
> I think it --or something very close-- originated in the 1945-46 GI movement
> to force a demobilization of the US forces. The US wanted to keep hiuge
> armied in europe and asia. The "grunts" were against it. I believe some
> people who were then or later became SWP'ers brought the slogan into the
> anti-Vietnam War movement (I *think* maybe Fred Halsted, but am not sure).
> Somewhere there is something written by SWPers on this -- I think it may
> have been in Fred Halstead's book, "out now."

Jose is right.  There is an article by Mary Alice Waters, titled "A Hidden
chapter in the fight against war: the going home movement" in a 1975 SWP
Education for Socialists bulletin, "Revolutionary Strategy in the Fight
Against the Vietnam War."  The article, which originally appeared in the
November-December 1965 issue of the Young Socialist, chronicles the movement
begun by US troops stationed in Europe and quickly supported by their
friends and family in the states.  Expecting to be quickly returned home
following V-J Day, they were protesting, instead, being transferred from
Europe to the Pacific "to protect Western interests from the growing
colonial revolution."  If anyone wants a copy of the article or the entire
bulletin, contact me at the Holt Labor Library.

In addition, I wanted to let you know that the Holt Labor Library web page
of antiwar resources <http://www.holtlaborlibrary.org/anti-war.html> is
being updated frequently. It includes a brief bibliography, links to antiwar
news sources, background information, civil liberties sites, and antiwar
organizations, posters, photos, audio, and video.

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