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Mon Mar 24 20:37:36 MST 2003

Just as I am starting not to feel my age every day--"better living through
chemistry"--I get something like this. I do, however, recommend traditional
Indian diets for many ailments and for a generally healthy regimen. The
First cook book is available now with others to follow. I have no
association with this book but feel that their services for Indian Elders
are desperately needed.


My name is Keith Colm and  I am the marketing
strategist for the NATIONAL SOCIETY for AMERICAN
INDIAN ELDERLY. We are currently promoting a cook book
that is one of our main sources of funding. The
cookbook is  titled, Wisdom of Elders:Traditional
American Indian Food and Recipes. The cookbook is
filled with authentic American Indian recipes from
around the nation with a possible additional cook book
in  the  works.

We  were  wondering if possibly we could be
interviewed for the  book and NATIONAL SOCIETY for
non-profit organization which offers  support to
tribal elder programs to enhance existing services
that provide nutrition, transportation, in home
services and socialization activities. We  could be
readily available with a representative for an

If you believe this could be a good subject for an
interview or if you have any questions please feel
free to contact me.
                          Keith Colm
                        218 845-0070
                        hokeco at

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