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Juan Fajardo fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Mon Mar 24 20:44:39 MST 2003

> Jose is right.  There is an article by Mary Alice Waters, titled "A Hidden
> chapter in the fight against war: the going home movement" in a 1975 SWP
> Education for Socialists bulletin, "Revolutionary Strategy in the Fight
> Against the Vietnam War."  The article, which originally appeared in the
> November-December 1965 issue of the Young Socialist, chronicles the movement
> begun by US troops stationed in Europe and quickly supported by their
> friends and family in the states.  Expecting to be quickly returned home
> following V-J Day, they were protesting, instead, being transferred from
> Europe to the Pacific "to protect Western interests from the growing
> colonial revolution."  If anyone wants a copy of the article or the entire
> bulletin, contact me at the Holt Labor Library.

That article by Mary-Alice Waters was later reprinted in *New
International*, No. 7 (ISBN: 0-87348-642-0), under the title <<1945:
When U.S. Troops said "No!">>.

- Juan

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