Are we looking at another Vietnam?

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Mon Mar 24 20:45:15 MST 2003

They picked on Iraq saying, and believing,
that it would be a cake-walk. So far, it's not
quite turning out as they projected. Just like
people on the left who mistakenly swallow
their own propaganda, people on the right
are likewise prone to this foolishness.

Remember that the US practiced massive
"shock and awe" against the people of the
Vietnam and Cambodia, though in those
days it was called "carpet bombing" and
the oxymoronic term "smart bomb" hadn't
been invented.

Of course Washington had far more power
than little Grenada, a country not bigger or
more powerful than Santa Monica, CA, and
was ultimately able to roll over that tiny isle.
We know that the United States never does
like a fair fight, after all. While the US was
able to overwhelm and knock out the Afghan
Taliban regime, we already know that they
haven't got rid of the Taliban after all...

Batista had far more military might than the
handful (starting with a dozen, ending up
with several hundreds) in the Revolutionary
Armed Forces which overthrew the Cuban
government in December 1958. Not long
after, Washington really believed that the
Cuban people would rise up and overthrow
the Revolution, but it didn't happen.

Saddam Hussein is not a revolutionary,
indeed, he's just the opposite. But he is
a nationalist leader and the people of
Iraq do have a rather more secular and
materially better existence than seems
to be the case in many other countries
of the Middle East. Perhaps that may
explain some of his support as we're
seeing it in these initial days...


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