Hussein Appeals to Nationalism

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Saddam Hussein's Speech

Below is the text of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's
televised speech Thursday, as translated from Arabic
by the Associated Press.

"In 1424 of the Hijra [Muslim] calendar, the reckless
criminal little Bush and his accomplices committed his
crime, with which he had threatened Iraq and humanity.

"He carried out his criminal act -- with those who
cooperated with him -- and has added with his accomplices to
the series of shameless crimes against Iraq and humanity a
beginning of additional crimes.

"Oh, Iraqis and brave men in our nation. For your sake, the
sake of our glorious nation, the sake of the banners of
jihad and its [national] religion, precious values, family
and children.

"I don't want to repeat what should be and what must be done
to defend the dear nation and everything that is sacred but
I will say: Each one of us in the family of the faithful,
patient, oppressed Iraq by its evil enemies must remember
and not forget that these days will add to earning you the
glory you deserve before God.

"May the infidels, the enemies of God and humanity be

"You will be victorious, O Iraqis, and with you the sons of
your nation. By God's will you will be victorious and your
enemies will be ashamed and dishonored, God willing.

"Oh, brave men, opposers of evil in the world. You have
noticed how the reckless Bush made light of your positions
and opinions against the war and your honest call for peace
and committed his terrible crime today.

"I pledge to you, in the name of the Iraqi leadership and
the Iraqi people that Iraq will carry out jihad with the
heroic army in the Iraq of civilization, history and belief;
we will fight the invaders and drive them, God willing, to
... lose their patience and lose their way ...

"They -- who have carried on with their crimes and evil
acts -- will suffer the defeat that every jealous faithful
and lover of humanity ... wishes for them.

"Iraq will be victorious, and with Iraq, our nation and
humanity will be victorious and the evil will be hit to the
extent that it will no longer be able to carry out crimes
and will be hit by what the American-Zionist criminal
alliance committed against nations and peoples, mainly our
glorious Arab nation.

"Allahu Akbarm Allahu Akbar [God is great]. Long live Iraq
and Palestine. Long live our glorious nation and the lovers
of peace, security and the right of people to live freely on
the basis of justice. Long live jihad. Long live Palestine."

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