Australian Labor Party & war

Peter Boyle peterb at
Mon Mar 24 22:53:18 MST 2003

Bob Gould's chronic super defensivenesss of the capitalist
Labor party in Australia goes on. Don't give up on Labor he
urges, don't listen to the sectarian DSP...

Well bloody don't read the bourgeois press as well then,
Bob, if you really want to keep yur head stuck in the sand
on this issue.

Don't read, for instance:

Qld MPs give bipartisan support for Aust troops in the Gulf


As for Bob Carr on the great Opera House "No War" paint job,
millions saw him condemn thos two brave activists on TV.

Give up on the ALP, Bob, it has got nothing to do with the
struggle for socialism but opposing it.

Peter Boyle

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