Bush/Blair Blindsided by Racism, Arrogance and other articles in Frontlines

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FRONTLINES, the newspaper of the left

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George W. Bush and Tony Blair, Side-blinded by Racism
and Imperial Arrogance By Gina Alvarez
850 US/British Veterans to Soldiers in Iraq: "War is
murder by another name." "If you decide to resist, we
will support you." Read the entire article at:
In and Out the Battlefield: The US Government War of
Deception and Lies

* Americans and British forces Repulsed near al-Najaf,
Basra, al-Nasiriya and other Locations.

* Higher US Casualties than Reported

* The US Media Cover UP of Military Reversals

* The initial US Strategy in ruins, White House
scrambling for a New One
Mighty Antiwar Demonstrations and Rallies in New York,
Los Angeles, San Francisco and Other Cities

Read the entire article at:
Iraq War: Today's Russian Report
Reports of Regrouping and Stalling US Forces,Panicking
Units, Regrouping of Iraqi Forces
The Global Antiwar Movement Again on the Streets

THE WORLD (AFP, AP, Online Resources and Frontlines
correspondents) Denouncing the Australian prime
minister, demonstrators in Sidney chanted:

Read the complete report at: http://sf-frontlines.com
Bush and Ashcroft Obliterating Civil Rights
The War on Iraqis and other Immigrants Living in the

WASHINGTON (AP, AFP, SF Chronicle and Frontlines
Staff) - The US government has recently stepped up its
massive campaign of violations of civil rights adopted
since 9/11

Read the complete report at: http://sf-frontlines.com

And many other articles, news and analysis of interest
for antiwar and left wing activists.

Also: No War for Empire (Special report); Latin
America, Its Turn to the Left and many other articles.


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