Hussein Appeals to Nationalism

David Quarter davidquarter at
Tue Mar 25 02:37:41 MST 2003

<<<<Hussein's speech was a window on those currents. Many in
Baghdad are
open in describing Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 as a disaster.
recall Hussein as rash and arrogant in refusing a negotiated solution>>>>

 The usual load of Post crap! Hussein actually offered to withdraw
from Kuweit after having initially been given the go-ahead to
"invade" the disputed territory by the then U.S. ambassador to Iraq
(whose name I can't recall at the moment.). There is an article
about this at emperors-clothes. Bush senior, in the spirit of
Americanism), denied such a request, preferring instead to "teach
an example" (the official line) to the former servant of U.S. interests
in the region.  Just like 9-11, the invasion of Iraq was pre-planned
by the Bush (then senior) administration.

Remember this fact everytime some pro-war apologist spouts the
usual BS about Saddam having spontaneously "invaded" Kuweit.


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