The once and future war

lvnadal lvnadal at
Tue Mar 25 06:00:34 MST 2003

For various reasons I agree with Comrade bon moun's analysis that this is
not another Vietnam. This should cause both of us to check the expiration
dates on our prescriptions.

It is absolutely correct to point out the failure of Rumsfeld's 'light"
"precision" "downsized" maneuver program, and Richard Myers view that air
power obviates the need for armor, artillery, and most importantly,
pre-planned strikes on concentrations of enemy infantry and artillery.

"In God We Trust" we used to say, and God happened to be the closest
firebase. Re Rumsfeld and "advanced warfare" we also used to say:  "All the
technology in the world won't keep the NVA lead out of your ass."

In any case, slog and grind equals a defeat for the United States, and slog
and grind is where this is going.

I think as this develops more criticism of Bush will occur from within his
own class as sections of that class seek to recuperate the anti-war movement
and use it to restore basic adherence to capital by demanding a change in
strategy and strategists.

Patriotic Dems will now criticize the waste of resources, the deaths of the
flower of the military, etc..... Nostalgia being the only way forward,
Schwartzkopf will become a once and future hero and so will......Powell.
Despite his role in this, blissfull ignorance remains around this character,
and what will be remembered is the "Powell Doctrine".

Consequently I believe we must push the AntiWar movement to up the stakes,
and make more critical demands its central point:  Not just "No War," or
"Bring the Troops Home,"  but the dismantling of US Military Bases in the
Gulf, wihtdrawal of US military personnel and aid from Colombia, the
Philippines, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, etc.  The movement must develop a
Marxist equivalent of "never again" as a transition program .

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