Total war?

Jacob Levich jlevich at
Tue Mar 25 08:19:13 MST 2003

I'm picking up an alarming trend in news coverage/government
propaganda about the war. Whereas during the first few days there was
some attempt to portray the people of Iraq as human beings awaiting
US "liberation," now that the US is meeting massive resistance I'm
beginning to see photos and stories intending to portray the Iraqi
people as armed, hostile, predatory  Evil Ones.

See, e.g., the photo at:

Here, and in the story someone posted earlier about the coming UK
attack on Basra, I'm sensing the deliberate blurring of distinctions
among unarmed civilians, militia, and regular army. The Vietnam
parallel is obvious.

I suspect this is laying the groundwork for total war against the
people of Iraq -- i.e., mercilessly bombing Baghdad and Basra in an
attempt o subdue the populace. An early indication of this new tactic
was the destruction of Umm Qasr, which reportedly was literally
flattened yesterday after armed resistance prevented the US from
securing the town.  "We had to destroy the village in order to save

 From a coldly tactical point of view, complete disregard for civilian
life is probably the US's best chance of fighting and winning the war
quickly. Yesterday's Wall Street swoon reinforces the need for a
quick decision.

IMO we need to prepare ourselves for a war of unprecedented
brutality, one in which the US essentially embraces its status as
'rogue superpower,' and consider our strategy in that light. The
masks are coming off.


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