Ellen Willis responds

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Mar 25 09:36:48 MST 2003

Ellen Willis wrote:
> I appreciate your taking the time to comment on my piece, but of what
> earthly relevance is it who I am married to? Do you think I am Stanley's
> mouthpiece, or that I'm incapable of developing my, from your
> perspective, benighted views without his help? This is sexist shit!

I'm sorry that you objected to being lumped with Stanley, but for most
of us in the revolutionary movement, you two do come across as our
version of Midge Decter and Norman Podhoretz, as a kind of awful social
patriotic tag-team.

> Oriana Fallaci, whatever her politics, is, or was, a peerless
> interviewer. And I guess you didn't notice that I was actually
> *criticizing* Berman's invocation of Schlesinger-type liberalism, but
> never mind. Picking up on subtleties is not your strong point.

Yes, you do take a stand of the kind of "militant liberalism" that led
to LBJ's war on Indochina, which is very commendable. But that risky
sort of iconoclasm is compromised by your endorsement at the end of the
review of Berman's statement, "Let us be for the freedom of others."
That kind of sanctimonious bullshit is what got us into Vietnam, after all.


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