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RE: A Russian view of the war From: Jim Farmelant <farmelantj at
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I wonder if anyone else on this list can confirm the report from a
Russian source posted by Jim F. about the battle around Al Nasiriya.
This account, if true, shows the details of the military disaster that
may be brewing for the US/UK invaders. If true it also shows the
absolute falseness - not merely spin - of the reports coming from the
US/UK press, especially in terms of casualties suffered by the US/UK and
most importantly the destruction of troop morale after only one week of war.

The key parts of the account are,

"The Americans have failed in trying to use their momentum in capturing
An-Nasiriya and attempted to encircle the town from the west, where they
encountered strong layered Iraqi defenses and forced to withdraw. The
Iraqi forces used this opportunity to attack the US flanks with two
brigades, breaking the US combat orders and causing panic among the US
troops. The US command was forced to halt the advance of its forced
toward An Najaf and once again redirect several tank battalions to
support the attacked units. Nearly 6 hours was needed for the US
aviation to stop the Iraqi attack and restore combat order of the US


"According to the intercepted radio traffic, the US forces have
sustained up to 40 killed, up to 10 captured and up to 200 wounded
during the fighting near An-Nasiriya. There is confirmed information
about one lost attack helicopter and an unconfirmed report about a lost
ground attack plane. The US forces have also lost up to 40 armored
vehicles, including no less than 10 tanks. Several intercepted reports
by the US field commanders stated that their troops are unable to
advance due to their soldiers being demoralized by the enemy's fierce
resistance and high losses."



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