The once and future war

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Tue Mar 25 12:46:19 MST 2003

Liked the Ivan Lendl part, witty but historically inaccurate, which makes it
half better than your other comments that are just historically inaccurate.

If I read your remarks right, or infer from them correctly, you believe that
the propaganda linking this intervention to 9/11 has worked and will
continue to work.   It certainly has not worked outside the US one bit, and
the view is being ripped to shreds everyday by the simple defense of their
homeland by the Iraqis.

On the other hand, your view that if the US takes "a hit" outside the war,
and I guess that means some sort of terrorist attack, it may provoke the
Pentagon/Bush to more vicious actions (if possible) but it will put the lie
to everything that has been claimed about this war and the war against
Afghanistan.  Never underestimate the stupidity and viciousness of the
bourgeoisie.  I believe 9/11 was a setup (like Pearl Harbor, like Gulf of
Tonkin) and I wouldn't put it past them to try version 2.

But the charismatic nature of Ho Chi Minh has nothing to do with it, unless
you're Jane Fonda.  As far as international terrorism, you perhaps don't
recall how the attacks on US military bases in the central Highlands in the
early 60s were blamed on the terrorist commies of the  VC.

 When the US could not control the battlefield, popular sentiment turned.
Nobody wants to see their kids die, and see them die losing.

That is the situation developing here, the US is losing control of the

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