And the firefighting contract goes toooooooo..........

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Tue Mar 25 13:59:06 MST 2003

Can I have the envelope please!
(Perhaps this will shock you, or awe you.. perhaps not)

Halliburton subsidiary wins Iraqi oil firefighting contract
5 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US army said it gave the main Iraqi oilwell
firefighting contract to a unit of Halliburton Co., a firm once run by Vice
President Dick Cheney (news - web sites), without any bidding

Kellogg, Brown and Root, a unit of Houston, Texas-based Halliburton, was
handed the contract by the Army Corps of Engineers, which has been placed in
charge of fighting the blazes.

The contract had not been put out to tender, said the Corps spokesman,
Lieutenant Colonel Gene Pawlik.

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